Naden Band celebrates 75th anniversary with launch of two commemorative CDs

By on April 21, 2015

In honour of its 75th anniversary, the Naden Band created two commemorative CDs this year.
The first, Snapshots of Excellence, features all of the band’s small ensembles, including jazz ensembles, woodwind and saxophone quintets and more.
“Everything except our symphonic concert band is on there,” said Karen Shields, spokesperson and flautist for the band.
The second CD, Portraits of Excellence, is a historical CD of the band’s music from the last 75 years.
“It’s a historic compilation of the band,” said Shields. “You can hear the difference of the band from back in day from 75 years ago. It’s an interesting perspective.”
The CDs will not be for sale, but they will be available as prizes at upcoming Naden Band concerts.
The 75th anniversary is a sign of the important role the Naden Band plays in Victoria, said Shields.
“It’s really because of the public support that we have this great tradition of the Naden Band.”
The band will be hosting the International Military Band Concert at the Royal Theatre on June 19.
There will also be an anniversary concert at the Royal Theatre on Sept. 11.

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