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Black Press is home to some of the oldest, most trusted community newspapers in North America. Market by market these are the leading newspapers in their communities.

As the largest independently-owned newspaper group in Canada, with more than 170 titles in print and online, Black Press has operations in British Columbia, Alberta and Washington state, as well as the Honolulu (Hawaii) Star-Advertiser, Akron (Ohio) Beacon-Journal and San Francisco (Calif.) Examiner daily newspapers.

The company has 3,500 employees, and newsrooms with history dating back to the 1800s.

What elevates Black Press newspapers from the crowd is our diversity.

In print and online, our urban, suburban and rural newspapers provide clients a superior blend of localized news coverage and unmatched integrated marketing solutions. We invest in relevant journalism that affects the communities we serve. And we strive to meet the marketing needs of our clients with a strategic blend of print, online and mobile marketing solutions.

In all corners of B.C., throughout Puget Sound, Ohio, Hawaii and Central Alberta, Black Press titles are widely read in vibrant, fast-growing communities.

Black Press is administered and majority owned by David H. Black of Victoria, B.C.

We offer a wide range of marketing solutions that leverage broad reach and deep connection in your community. The digital news sites deliver more than 1 million unique visitors and 4.4 million page views per month.

When you are looking for hyper-local reach for digital marketing, Black Press has the answer.



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