What is BlackPress4Good?



We are extremely excited to offer readers an opportunity to share fundraising initiatives through a new crowdfunding service, blackpress4good.com.

Crowdfunding is a way for individuals, groups and businesses to appeal to the public to provide financial support for a cause or initiative.

Black Press has deep connections in every community served by a local community newspaper and website. Our hyper-local focus allows readers to help people in their own community.
Anyone can start a campaign. This can include; Support a loving pet that needs specialized care, create a campaign in memory of a loved one, help a family member cover expenses of treatment or even a fundraiser for a wheelchair accessible van. Perhaps your son or daughter wants to compete at the nationals? Launch a fundraiser campaign at blackpress4good.com and get your message out to your.
As with other online crowdfunding platforms, there is a service fee for blackpress4good.com. The fee is set at seven per cent plus credit card processing fees.

There are checks and balances throughout the program to ensure the cause is legitimate, but as with any crowdfunding site, you are asked to exercise discretion when contributing.
In addition, Black Press will provide a venue for heartfelt thanks to private individuals and organizations for the great work they do. The ‘power of good’ will showcase many stories that have been published in both print and online media.

Crowdfunding basics:  The service is available to registered charities, non-profit groups and private citizen public appeal projects.
Campaigns may have an objective to raise funds for a charitable cause or purpose, to assist people in need, and advance efforts to address community issues and concerns, i.e. food bank programs, health concerns, school band trips, sports programs etc.

Should you wish further information about blackpress4good, please email: 4Good@blackpress.ca.

Visit BlackPress4Good.com to learn more.


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